Paulette Meldrum


 Waikanae, New Zealand

My earliest recollection of sewing was making dolls clothes by hand at the age of 7, encouraged by my grandmother.  This was followed by embroidery, knitting and tatting. By the age of twelve I was making some of my own clothes.  With three children I continued the family sewing for years until I rejoined the paid workforce.  My quilting launch was 15 years ago with a focus on traditional quilting, but I am gradually transitioning to art quilts and fibre art work.   By working on smaller pieces I have more time to experiment with new products, mixed media and new techniques.  I have an absolute passion for colour, fabrics, textiles and threads. I sketch out my ideas before starting a new quilt, but often find that the quilt seems to take on a life of its own, and the end product only has vague hints of the original design. Working with colour extends to my garden, dyeing, painting and embellishing fabric, silk screening, and dabbling in watercolour, acrylic and oil painting.

In 2009 I completed City & Guilds Level 3 in Patchwork and Quilting through Design Matters UK.

My husband, Eddie, is very supportive of my quilting and art projects.  He is an exceptionally good photographer and does most of the photos of my quilts.  We always come home from holidays with a portfolio of wonderful photographs, so I am never lacking in a source of inspiration for my quilting.

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