Marion Caspers

Bavaria, Gernamy

Before I moved to Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Bavaria in 2005 I lived for 25 years in the US and Canada, where I have learned quilting. I have been a textile aficionado all my life, have started to make my own cloth when I was 13 and taught textile art in a German school. For many years I practiced traditional quilting first before I turned to art quilts. I joined quilt and textile groups in every town I lived.

After I moved back to Germany, I founded the “Alpine Quilters” and worked for 4 years as Bavarian’s representative of the German Patchwork guild. Now I am member of the British Quilter’s Guild as well and aiming to become a certified Quilt Judge/Juror.

I work predominately with my own hand dyes and love to have a palette of colors available like a painter. If I am not committed to any theme (which is recently all I do) I like to work in series and to explore surface designs. When I discovered AC (Alabama Chanin) techniques in 2004 my passion for textiles was full circle completed. I have been expanding my work on criteria such as design development, stencils, textile paints and hand embroidery.

Joining this international on line group is an honor and I am looking forward tackling this new challenge.

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