Margaret Blank

M Blank

 Margaret Blank

Alberta Canada

As a young child I learned to sew, knit and embroider.  In my forties, I added quilting to my repertoire, while raising two children and supporting an ailing husband.

For thirty years I was supremely organized, responsible and competent — by turns a nurse, a credit-and-collections officer, an investment advisor, a financial planning report writer and workshop facilitator.   At age fifty, I discovered my right brain, and began to experiment with fabric, fibre, floss, paint and dye.  At first it was grief therapy; I entered “the Zone” to escape the challenges of my husband’s illness, which was taking its toll on our entire family.

Now the practice of textile art has become pure joy: loose and spontaneous design married to skilled stitchery and embellishment.  I love the look and feel of layers: fabric weaving, rough-edged appliqué, free-form machine and/or hand-stitching, including beads, buttons and ribbon where the Muse warrants.  I use my art to interpret in textiles the world around me, inspired by my rural Alberta hamlet, where every street ends in trees.

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  1. Hi Margaret, I like the dryer sheets, well done Cheers

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