Lin Hsin-Chen

Lin Hsin-Chen

Lin Hsin-Chen


Born and grown up in Taiwan, I am a fiber artist and an independent curator who has been devoting to creation, organizing exhibitions and teaching for 20 years. I often lead students or groups to work together on large-sized collective works. Global environmental issues are always my concerns so I put my observation and reflection into my works.


Art quilts are creations of integration encompassed a culture of life. I put all my effort into expanding my horizons to achieve the goal for design and make every detail well-connected to one another. To go beyond the limitation, sometimes I have to break the given standards to pursue the ultimate spirit.


Needles and threads are like my mentors; they lead me to absorb and mature. My thoughts and feelings are well-expressed in various forms and beyond boundaries through the narrative talents of works.


The unlimited inspirations of Nature are my ideas for creation. I love to play with various kinds of fabric prints. Exploring possibilities of combination always brings me new visions. I comprehend the delicate sentiment of every stitched fabric; it is an extension of a unique and moving story. Just like a storybook-a rich loaded with people’s thoughts and feelings. Art quilts are more than themselves; they are like “intellectuality” that people can peruse. This meaning of creation gets involved in each work and absorbs the subtle relationship to lines, colors and needles and threads.




Taiwan Art Quilt Society:


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