Cindy Richard

My name is Cindy Richard. I am a textile artist and landscape quilter. I create beautiful, colorful landscapes and portraits from fabric and thread.

I moved to Israel from the United States with my family 25 years ago. While working as a technical writer in hi-tech, I sought a creative outlet and started quilting 22 years ago. I prefer creating fabric landscapes using raw-edge applique to traditional quilting.

I particularly like to create handmade quilt art that reflects the scenery of the Holy Land. I strive to enhance people’s lives by capturing the beauty of the Israeli landscape. Using muted colors, varying tones and textures, I use thread to paint a scene with depth on a pallet of fabric.

I share my passion of the quilting tradition through teaching and exhibits, so others can appreciate this timeless art form. I love sharing the knowledge I have gleaned through the years with new friends. I find quilting draws people together from all over the world forming a close bond between people who share this passion. The spark that comes from imparting this knowledge is as inspiring as the craft.

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