Paola Zanda – Country – Literature

Tribute to Friedrich Dürrenmatt for the centenary of his birth.

05.01.1921 – 14.12.1990

As for the architecture challenge, choosing a subject for swiss literature was an arduous task. Switzerland has four national languages: german, french, italian and romance. Each of the four linguistic regions has its famous writers. Well known, for example, are Johanna Spyri. Heidi’s author, or Joël Dicker, the author of The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. My choice ended on Friedrich Dürrenmatt, discovering that this year was the centenary of his birth. Dürrenmatt is a German-speaking writer and playwright. Famous are The Visit (1956), The Judge and His Hangman (1950), The Pledge (1958). Novels that were later adapted to film versions such as The Pledge (2001) with Jack Nicholson. He was also a painter. The architect Mario Botta built a museum in Neuchatel, containing all his works and his archive.

All the graphic art on the computer is the work of my husband Paolo. From a portrait and a typewriter, he created the basic drawing I started from.

Techniques: Machine appliqué

Material: Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics with Procion MX; Cotton wadding; Variegated and cotton threads; Heat n Bond Lite (Iron on adhesive)


  1. WOW what else can I say, this is incredible machining, love the choice of thread. Bravo

  2. Wow, stunning portrait of this great writer!

  3. Great choice and beautifully executed portrait! Great work by firstly by Paolo and then interpreted by Paola, well done.

  4. Paםla I refer to the portrait , because I really like to create portraits, and I have done a lot lately. I really like your work, the combination of color and excellent workmanship.

  5. It reminds me when I was a student in Geneva we had to study Durrenmatt ! what a beautiful portrait you achieved ! and I am in awe with your quilting especially seen from the back !
    Bravo !

  6. A wonderful portrait of a great writer. I love how the design is made with the typewriter and the portrait. Your thread painting of the face is exquisite. Very well done!

  7. A very powerful portrait. Your quilting adds so much depth and detail. Great work.

  8. Amazing work of art. I admire your attention to details and stitching. Bravo!

  9. A very skilfully worked rendering of the portarait and keyboard for an interestuing author. Well done to Paolo and to Paola for a very impressive piece of work

  10. Amazing work! Combining the portrait and idea of the typewriter keys creates a wonderful composition and interpretation of the author. Bravo to you and Paulo, well done!

  11. Wow, your collage skills are very impressive!

  12. studiociboulette

    Beautiful portrait of a great writer. Bravo

  13. What a powerful portrait have you created! The stitching is so expertly done. I am in awe of this portrait of the writer I needed to study when in high school. Remember Der Besuch der alten Dame very well. Your choice of adding the typewriter details is so original. Bravo!!

  14. The combination of the portrait and the typewriter in your design is so great! The portrait is very well executed.

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