Paola Zanda – D

D for Devil

For challenge D, I chose Devil. From the Gothic chapel of our Church of Santa Marta, I took the detail from the fresco of the judgment I took the detail of hell. Paolo, as usual, took the picture and printed it on fabric.

Techniques: Machine freehand embroidery. Machine appliqué.

Material: Hand-dyed cotton, with Procion Mx , Sewing machine threads of cotton, polyester, metallic for embroidery. HeatnBond Lite, Vlieseline Stickvlies, synthetic wadding.

Detail views:

  1. not my favorite colors paola, but after all, “devilish” is certainly not something made to please!! hope this quilt helped you to get it out of your system 😉
    what i mostly like is your elegant flower embroidery under the letter.

    • Dear Anne, the colours are linked to the original fresco. Sometimes the real challenge is to work with the non-preferred colours. I am also trying to give harmony to the final result by assembling the six quilts of this series.

  2. Superb design and execution of fine detail in the applique and side design,

  3. I love the detail that you have managed to put in to this piece, stunning work and the colours are rich and of the time! Well done.

  4. Maryte Collard

    I think the colors of your piece, as well as the original, reflect really well what devil and hell are about. I mostly admire the fine work that you do with the needle and thread. Perfection!

  5. Your work on this piece is absolutely stunning ! it really looks like a medieval tapestry. Beautiful and realistic design

  6. A fascinating addition to your series and beautifully executed. The details are stunning. Love the letter D and the embroidery underneath it.

  7. I’m going to agree with “Stunning”, used by the others. The colors, the composition, the theme. Wow!

  8. Another beautiful addition to your fresco series. I particularly love your letter D embroidery at the side. It looks so medieval .

  9. He really is Devilish! Beautiful work in an unusual colour scheme. I love the stitched side panel.

  10. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful stitching again to continue your series. This piece, like your others, captures the fresco very well and I look forward to seeing the six quilts together

  11. Very powerful devil, I like the colour combination and the red “D” topping the drama!

  12. Again another great one of your series. I love the composition and the thread sketching.

  13. studiociboulette

    Very nice design and execution of the quilt. Beautiful.

  14. Very regal coloring and the thread painting is amazing. Another beautiful addition to your fresco series. Bravo!

  15. Again a beautiful piece in your series Paola. The way you thread painted the figures is amazing, so many details. Hope to see the whole series together one day, well done!

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