Paola Zanda – Nature #2

Summer solstice

With the second piece of the nature series, I present the summer solstice which is linked to the No. 2 card of the tarot: the Popess. I represent the solstice with this beautiful bloom. The popess stands out with her tiara and ferrule symbols. Her element is water, and for this reason, I represented her in the flows of the sea. Being the Popess the guardian of the temple of wisdom, I represent it with the key and this rolled-up papyrus.

I used my own hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, sewing, embroidery and metallic threads. Freehand embroidery and quilting.

  1. Your attention to detail always amazes me and this is a beautiful rendition of the Solstice. I love the harmony of the colours. Bravo

  2. A lot of symbolism in your piece. Great stitching!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Everything in this quilt is harmonious and the symbols are treated with a lot of poetry! I really like the blooming flowers in the colourful background!

  4. carolinehiggs

    Great use of colour and stitching, a very effective representation. Well done!

  5. So much to see in this beautiful piece! The writing on the papyrus intrigues me, how did you do it? So neat! Great details, especially love the flowers. Chapeau!

  6. A very symbolic piece. Lovely colours especially the floral section at the top. Very effective stitching.

  7. I keep looking at it and see different things all the time. Love the symbolism.
    Colors are beautiful and the stitching enhances it. Well done.

  8. studiociboulette

    Fantastic interpretation of the Popess. I love the colors and the flowers, the flow of water and the many symbols in every details. Just gorgeous! Bravo!

  9. Your work is full of symbols that I can appreciate . Love the use of color for the flora and the sea. Amazing stitching

  10. So much to see in this beautifully executed composition filled with so much symbolism. Amazing stitching and great color choices. Bravo!

  11. Yours is a very exciting piece with much to see and examine. I particulary enjoy the floral background with all of its beautiful colors.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Very interesting and colourful work. Your stitching is really impressive. Well done

  13. As always everything falls in place in your quilt. Love the symbolism and the stitching. Bravo.

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