Paola Zanda – Nature #1

Winter solstice

For my “nature” series, I have chosen to link the tarot cards of the major arcana to nature.
For the first couple, the theme will be solstices.
I start with the winter solstice, which is linked to the hermit’s card N° 9.

The bottom is made with my eco prints, the hermit is in appliqué. The fabric of her dress is old cotton dyed with rust.

Freehand embroidery and quilting. I used sewing, embroidery and metallic threads.

  1. A very original approach to nature, great idea! The eco printed background works so well behind the hermit and light radiating from his lantern. Great piece of work.

  2. Wonderful interpretation. Your eco dyed fabric is so subtle and compliments the colours in your figure. Beautiful quilting. Bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Your ecoprinted background fabric reflects nature so well ! I like how the lantern diffuses its light and illuminates the plants. Bravo for this beautiful interpretation!

  4. Interesting topic choice and beautiful performance. Love the background fabric,and the many stitches.

  5. As others have said, this is an interesting interpretation and topic. I especially like the eco-prints you have created.

  6. A very artistic interpretation of the subject. I like your printed background and it givcs just the right atmosphere for the hermit who is also beautifully stitched

  7. Love your combination. The ecoprint as a background is very success-full and I love the thread painting of the beard on your hermit. Bravo.

  8. Very interesting how did you came up with the topic and how you expressed it. As to design and execution- everything is just perfect.

  9. As the Hermit walks his path, the lamp lights up his way through the longest night of the year. I can see nature is the shadows slightly illuminated. A very unique and creative interpretation. Well done!

  10. An interesting theme. I like the background design and the clever way you have created the light spreading from the hermit’s lamp.

  11. I really love your eco-dyed background. Wonderful how you did the light of the lantern.

  12. Very interesting topic. Nice eco print as background. I admire how you have created the halo of light around the hermit’s lamp.

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