Maryte Collard – Nature #1

Aspen Tree Bark

For the first quilt of the Nature series I chose trees. The tree that fascinated me most when I lived in the USA was aspen tree.

I’ve taken many photographs of aspen tree when I traveled in Utah, Nevada, and Montana. Being around aspen trees  I often felt like I was being watched. That’s because they have eyes! These aspen eyes form when the tree “self prunes” by dropping smaller branches that don’t receive enough sunlight and that leaves a eye-like scar on the trunk of the tree.

This time I only wanted to make a quilt that looked like aspen bark. I used a commercial batik for a background. I hand- appliqued the eyes and double stuffed them with polyester batting. I hand- couched the eye forms. Everything was hand stitched then.



  1. I love the eyes peering out of the aspen bark. A beautifully stitched piece of work.

  2. Beautiful interpretation, I was intrigued when i saw your quilt and had no idea what it was until I read your description. Superb interpretation.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Like Kaylene I did not have any idea of what it was at first sight ! I like the abstraction of the shapes and the 3D look you got by stuffing the eyes !

  4. I am very fond of barks’ structure, which is the basis of my abstract work. I have always worked with vertical structures, and I have never worked with horizontal ones such as birches or, in your case, aspens. Your creation is very successful. The idea of using the relief for the eyes and the embroidery restores the structure of this bark perfectly. I love it. Bravo!

  5. well done for settling on two colors to express the work. The stitching is perfect and the eyes are looking.

  6. You’ve done a nice job of interpreting the Aspen tree bark. The eyes are beautifully constructed.

  7. I also love the bark of these trees and you have made a lovely work based on the ‘eyes’ of the tree. Beautifully stitched

  8. What a very special idea to “use” the eyes of the aspen tree. Your hand stitching is very effective and I love the little white “sparkling” light in one of the eyes. Beautiful work.

  9. A very effective use of fabric and stitch to create the “eyes” and also the details in the rest of the tree bark. Beautiful work.

  10. I love it how you did the eyes. The use of the cord is very effective to give your piece more dimension.

  11. Great interpretation of the bark and I especially like how you couched around the ‘eyes’ to make them stand out. Well done!

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