Kaylene Maalste – Nature #1

Rocky Foreshore

Inspiration – Foreshore of Middleton Beach South Australia. This is a beach I frequent and the inspiration is drawn from what I see. The first quilt is an overview of one section with rock outcrops.

Materials and techniques – Commercial and dyed cotton. To give the rock outcrops relief areas were padded from the back, also areas of sand were padded as well. Embroidery thread was used to quilt the rock outcrops sea and sky. My photograph was not straight so the straight binding appears uneven.

  1. This works so well Kaylene, I love it. Your fabric and stitch choice really work in creating your rocky foreshore. Great work!

  2. Such a lovely piece. Your hand-embroidery is done very useful.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    This is lovely kaylene ! I like the contrast between the blue sky and the dark rocks and your neat and precise hand stitching give texture exactly where it is needed.

  4. I love the fabrics you used to create the beach and rocks, bright colors and wonderful stitching.

  5. The choice of fabrics really is perfect! Stitching and embroidery, and fabrics- everything works together creating a stunning scene.

  6. Very nice, I love your handwork. The detail is visually stunning.

  7. Great interpretation of the foreshore, and the way you have created the rocks is very effective. Lovely stitching

  8. You have transferred the beauty of your photos into this beautiful textile work. Excellent choice of fabrics and colours. Creating rock and beach reliefs with batting works well, and your stitching complements your quilt perfectly.Bravo!

  9. Beautiful beach scene. Your use of colours is great and I love the fabric you used for the beach. Very nice en effective hand embroidery and quilting. Top!!!

  10. A lovely seashore. Your fabrics and colours are perfect and your stitching adds lovely little details.

  11. So much in line with your photographs! Stunning colors, the hand stitching is beautiful. You created a gorgeous landscape. I’m sure that in reality it is even more beautiful as much of the 3D effect gets lost in the picture.

  12. What an incredible seascape! Great fabric choices and I especially love the contrast of the blue sea. I’m always in awe of your impeccable hand stitching, which adds so much depth and texture. Love this!

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