Helen Hazon – Nature #2


Inspiration – The chemical reaction of photosynthesis that happens inside all green plants.

In the second of my pair of quilts looking at Plants, I have focused on the photosynthesis reaction. This reaction is fundamental to the majority of life on Earth. It is the source of most of the food, in the form of glucose, that plants use for growth. The plants then become food for animals to eat. It is also the means by which oxygen is continually replenished in our atmosphere. The reaction happens in the green parts of plants as long as they have an adequate supply of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.

I have tried to represent the basic chemistry of the photosynthesis reaction in a green leaf with the starting materials and the end products shown in the forms of molecular diagrams and chemical equations.

The quilt is made from cotton with Inktense colours. Machine embroidery and quilting are in rayon threads. There is a small amount of hand stitching in cotton.


  1. What a great design and idea and it certainly tells the story of photosynthesis. The design is very clear and clean in the use of colour. Well done

  2. What a different approach of nature. I wished my chemistry lessons were a clear as this piece. Well done.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I am impressed by your scientific side Helen!!! my chemistry lessons are far away! the drawing is so precise and I love the freshness of the chosen colours !

  4. carolinehiggs

    This is great! I really like the way you have explained photosynthesis pictorially. The quilting is a real contrast to the clean and neat lines and colours.Wonderful work.

  5. With the first, you took me to the old botanical books now you take me back to school desks during chemistry and biology hours. You have represented photosynthesis clearly and cleanly. The minimalism of the design is supported by a good quilting job. Bravo.

  6. Chemistry was not my best subject, but now I understand very clearly how photosynthesis works. Thank you for this lesson. Very neat and colorful work. Your quilting enhances it.

  7. This is so entirely up your sleeve! Thanks for the clear lesson on photosynthesis! Lovely design, great colors against that white background. Well done!

  8. I got an excellent chemistry course by looking at your work. Very clean work and great investment in the explanations you gave to ignorant people like me in the subject. Excellent

  9. studiociboulette

    clean lines and use of color, plus the extra educational lesson. I love it. What a fun quilt full of details. Bravo!

  10. Thank you for the chemistry lesson. This is a great way to explain the entire process.

  11. joanbrailsford

    The science teacher in you has come to the fore here and the I love the way that you have used that science and depicted the chemical reaction in that form. Great stitching and a very original idea

  12. You’ve created a well explained chemical process to represent your second nature challenge in a very unique way. Very clean, crisp lines and the colors just pop against the white background. A+ !

  13. Wow, I admire your attention to details and the cleanliness of your work. The contrast, the colors, the texture- everything work together very well.

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