Greetje Hein – Nature #2

Modern view from the backyard

This is the modern version of my first nature piece. It is done in the same lay-out. I didn’t use the nature colors to create this modern version.  The trees and bushes are also stylistic to create a modern look.

The whole piece is quilted with horizontal lines.

  1. Love it, especially the foreground design and use of colours. It reminds me of Ineke Berlyn’s work. Beautiful quilting. Bravo

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Very interesting this modern version of quilt n°1! I would be incapable of such a transformation but I really like the stylisation of the different shapes.

  3. carolinehiggs

    What a great idea, this design works so well. Really like the choice of colours, neat and well constructed work.

  4. Beautiful modern vision of your first work. The stylization of the trees and the use of colours works great.

  5. I love the idea of translating your first quilt into a modern one. Very clever how you created depth by moving the strips of fabric. As always beautiful quilting.

  6. Great idea to use your design of quilt no. 1. Very modern feel indeed! Lovely choice of fabrics and your quilting is perfect as usual.

  7. A clever idea beautifully made. The work has a minimalist feel that is very clean and pleasing.

  8. studiociboulette

    The piecing pattern that you put in the ground gives so much movement to the quilt. I love the stylization and colors. Beautiful!

  9. Very clean minimalistic work. Perfect stitching, calm colors.

  10. This is an interesting spinoff from your first quilt. I love the stylized appearance and your wonderful use of color.

  11. joanbrailsford

    What an original way to depict the view from your window. It is unmistakeably the same landscape, but in such a modern and clourful way. I really love this

  12. You have modernized your back yard view in a very unique way with the use of bold colors, high contrast, improvisational piecing, minimalism and negative space. Same view, different perspective, well done!

  13. I love your modern image. Choice of fabrics for the lower part of the image is interesting but very effective.

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