Greetje Hein – Nature #1

View from the backyard -1

This year’s series will be made paired two-by-two. I want to make a more or less realistic version of a subject and a modern, graphic version. For this first Nature piece I used a picture from our backyard. I took this picture on a frosty, foggy morning.

I started with commercial fabrics and covered it partly with organza. The trees and bushes are thread-painted with rayon yarn. The few leaves are done with embroidery yarn, cut in small pieces. This I covered with silk chiffon. I also wanted to insert parts of an original photograph. This photograph is transferred several times on fabric with gel medium.

The whole piece is free-motion quilted.

Detail views:

  1. This is a stunning piece of work! Such attention to detail in your stitching and the addition of the frosty leaves adds to the feel of the chilly morning. Lovely work, well done.

  2. I have to agree with Caro, especially to addition of the photo transfer. I do feel the fogginess. Bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    This is stunning ! I like how the layers of organza and chiffon increase the fogginess of the scene.

  4. Very captivating quilt! I love your drawing of trees. Adding the frozen bushes and the organza completes this misty and frosty landscape very well. Lovely work. Bravo!

  5. I love that you combined layers of fabrics to create a perfect landscape. I can feel the cool air. Perfect stiching.

  6. All I can say is to agree with others. You captured the atmosphere of the cold foggy morning perfectly. Now I wait for the abstract version 🙂

  7. The feeling of a foggy landscape is wonderful, I can almost feel the dense and chilly air. I especially appreciate the detail in the tree.

  8. I love this view from your window and the way you have constructed the various elements. The trees are wonderful, and I am very interested in the technique you have used to transfer the photo using gel medium (I must ask you more). Beautiful work

  9. Awesome landscape. You can feel the cold foggy temperature. The addition of the photo-transfer makes it even more special. The thread painting of the tree is very effective. Bravo!

  10. What a beautiful, chilly view. I like the use of organza to soften the colours and I particularly love the wintry trees and grasses.

  11. Wow, amazing how you succeeded in creating that foggy atmosphere! Very impressed with the tree. The transfer of part of your picture makes this piece totally unique. Bravo!

  12. Love your backyard view! Your threadpainting is so meticulous and how you created a frosty, foggy landscape is just beautiful. Love this!

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