Els Mommers – Nature #2


For this second piece in the NATURE series I used hand painted fabric for sky and sea.

Most of the rocks are made in the same way as I did for the first Nature piece. The rest of the rocks are made with tyvek. The surf is made with cellophane , painted with glitter, and shrunk between baking paper, just as I did with the tyvek. Over de cellophane  organdie and tule with glitter is placed. After quilting, parts of the sea are treated with glitter paint in white and turquoise.

Mountains and a boat are appliqued and two persons are painted and appliqued also. In between the rocks is heavily quilted with black yarn to bring them more to the front.  The crack are sewed with black yarn and some grass is machine embroidered in between the rocks. 

Sea and air are machine quilted and some clouds got a little touch of silver paint.

The whole process can be seen on kunamola://blogspot.com


Detail views:


  1. Your techniques always amaze me. Thank you for the tip on spray. Congratulations on your attention to detail, especially the tufts of grass on the rocks. bravo

  2. As always a lot of techniques. This remembers me at the day we both climbed the rocks near the see. Sweet memories!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Your painted fabric for the sky is gorgeous ! I love the different layers and texture on the rocks !

  4. carolinehiggs

    I am always bowled over by the amount of techniques you apply to your work! Your choice of sky colour makes it a very atmospheric piece, love it!

  5. It is impressive the use of so many techniques.
    The rocks are well done, and with the addition of the tufts of grass, they are so realistic. Your dye of the sea and the sky rewards the scene. Well done!

  6. Those rocks are so well done, such gorgeous coloring and with the grasses they look so lifelike. Lovely sky and sea, so many techniques used here, very impressive Els!

  7. Another collection of brilliant techniques used so effectively here to make a lovely image. The detail you have achieved in the rocks is amazing. Well done.

  8. studiociboulette

    Beautiful piece, I love the colors and the composition. Your technique is superb. What a gorgeous piece. Bravo!

  9. Everything you create is perfect, and this work too. So much detail and use of so many materials to create this piece. perfect

  10. Love all the layers and rich textures you created with your techniques. Such attention to detail and as always, beautifully executed and amazing! Love it!

  11. The multiple techniques you have used in creating this piece just blow me away! An amazing composition!

  12. joanbrailsford

    The techniques and media you have used are truly awesome, and result in a very rich and interesting piece. The rocks provide a great foreground to the sea, and as always your stitching really brings everything together. Beautiful

  13. Here we are getting a wider view when in the first quilt we got a close up, right? Just kidding… Your techniques amaze me, you are so inventive. Love your work, as always!

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