Chantal Guillermet – Nature #1


The forest is the theme chosen to illustrate my first two nature quilts. For this quilt my inspiration came from a photo taken in England in an undergrowth where the ground was covered with blue flowers. I drew the background freehand and I chose to use the curves for the background. I sew them in reverse appliqué with an invisible thread (Katie Pasquini Masopust method). In order to obtain a unity in the greens I dyed a series of fabrics especially for this quilt. I added a stream in the foreground to break the verticality and created my own stencil for the blue flowers. FMQ for quilting with metallic paint for the leaves   Detail view: Original photo:
  1. An interesting interpretation of the bluebell wood. You have captured the essence of the wood with the blend of colours and neat stitching. Lovely work.

  2. A delightful combination of colours. I enjoyed the abstraction of the design. Bravo

  3. Beautiful interpretation of your photo. With your palette of soft colours, which distinguishes you as a style, you have created a fairy world. Additionally, with your delicate embroidery, you present a splendid work for the beginning of the series. Bravo!

  4. I love the landscape you describe and the way you work to express it. I love the choice of soft colors and the delicacy of the work .

  5. As always I feel serenity coming out of Chantal’s work. The lines, shapes and colors really work together for that. Very nice, I love it very much.

  6. Doing this as an abstract composition was a great choice as well as your hand dyed fabrics. I really like the curved background.

  7. A very delicate view of a bluebell wood and the reverse applique is beautifully worked. Well done

  8. This is so recognizable as your style. You managed to get the quiet atmosphere of the photo in a beautiful abstract work, Love your quilting and the adding of the subtle hand painted leaves.

  9. A beautiful interpretation of a bluebell wood. The colours are perfect and your stitching adds extra detail.

  10. I did a workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust a few years ago and her method is very useful with this curved design. I love you little blue flowers!

  11. Such a lovely interpretation of a bluebell wood. The colors are beautiful and the stitching so neat. The curved pieces make for a lot of movement but my eyes are first drawn to those pretty blue flowers. Love it!

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