Caro Higgs – Nature #2

Mallos de Riglos

My inspiration was a photograph I took of the Mallos de Riglos.

Continuing my nature series with the second of the first pair on rocks, based on what I saw on my trip to Spain last October, this one shows (or tries to), in stark contrast to the crumbly rocks of the Bardenas, the Mallos de Riglos which is well known area in the climbing world because its conglomerate formations which are well suited to climbers. They rise high and relatively straight out of a truly wild landscape full of plants and bird life with well marked walking routes. The photograph shows the sunlight shining through a narrow space between the rocks and I loved the way the colour changed so radically between the light and shade.

The fabric which is a recycled hand towel with woven spots was firstly machine stitched in two pieces and then painted, the spots and first layer of stitching helped to give some texture. To differentiate between small and large cracks I then machined over the first layer of stitching in black to give more depth to the piece. The rock in the foreground is turned appliqué and only lightly attached to the base, the black stitching is what holds it in place. I have hand stitched some greenery in the foreground. I am not convinced by my result but I enjoyed working on it!

  1. Beautiful, love the use of the old towels. I think you have captured the essence of the rocks with your colours and stitching. Bravo

  2. You kept the atmosphere of the rough rocks.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    The old towel is a very good choice, its weaving adds relief and prevents the surface from being too smooth. The paint gives a very good result too.

  4. The use of the old towel and the addition of paint perfectly convey the roughness of the rocks.

  5. Beautiful colours and texture.I don’t know why you are not convinced because for me it is a winner!

  6. How clever to use an old towel, it adds such nice texture. The colors of this piece are stunning and you have succeeded in creating good depth. Bravo!

  7. The finished piece is a great representation of the original photo. The use of a towel for texture is inspired.

  8. I can feel the strength of the rock in your work. Excellent use of color. Perfect stitching.

  9. studiociboulette

    tough challenge, but you gave the atmosphere of the rocks with textures and light. Beautiful!

  10. Your piece exhibits good use of color and texture. The green embroidery adds a good amount of visual interest. Very nice.

  11. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that you have captured the light filtering through the rocks and the way that it picks out the details. You have certainly managed to depict their texture with the stitching and fabrics you have chosen. I really like this

  12. You have captured the dramatic and challenging landscape of the Mallos de Riglos with wonderful lights, shadows, depth, texture and color. Well done!

  13. The light truly shines through the gaps in rocks! Love it!

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