Bozena Wojtaszek – Nature #1


For the Nature series I start with a landscape. It is the first thing that comes to my mind – quiet and peaceful place where you just stare at all the different forms and colours. This imaginary landscape will be my base for further studies.

Technique – my all time favorites machine applique, machine quilting and hand embelishments.

Detail views:

  1. A lovely piece of work full of information and imagination. I would happily walk in this landscape! The addition of the hand stitch adds real depth the to piece. Great work, well done.

  2. Van Gogh said “I dream of painting and I then paint my dream” I think this applies to your quilt. Love your color choices and use of stitches give a rich textured look to the landscape. bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I agree with previous comments ! peaceful landscape and nice selection of colours !
    I like the addition of handstitching, it gives life to your piece.

  4. The landscape you chose reminds me our fields in Israel. A good combination of color and the single tree gives another perspective

  5. This is so peaceful and easy to fall into. The illusion of depth adds much to your composition.

  6. I love the way you have used collage to create the background and these are interesting fabrics. Your stitching gives another lovely level of detail, I’m looking forward to the future studies in your landscape

  7. What a lovely, serene landscape with a beautiful sky. Your hand stiching enhances it even more. I am very curious to your future landscape studies.

  8. The choice of colours, fabrics and excellent composition, with the addition of your hand embroidery, create a magnificent and peaceful landscape that makes you want to enter it. I love the lonely tree. Great work!

  9. Love the textures and colors of the different fabrics. The hand stitching and beading add depth to this beautiful and welcoming landscape. Well done!

  10. I can only agree with others that you landscape is very serene and inviting. Love the texture you added with hand stitching and beads.

  11. So peaceful and inviting. A lovely landscape with great detailing.

  12. I love your landscape. So nice how you added the details with hand embroidery and beads.

  13. A beautiful and peaceful landscape. An inspiration for me as this will be my next subject! Lovely colors and fabrics, the lone tree makes for depth and I love the addition of hand stitching. Well done.

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