Bella Kaplan – Nature #1

Flowers 1

In my nature challenge, the first two works will be flowers.  I give space to colors and only one flower to describe the theme. Since I live in an agricultural area , I am surrounded by fields and flowers. I’m starting with flowers and plan to make fields in the next two .

Materials:  cotton fabrics that I dyed, fused, machine quilted.


Detail view:

  1. Great fabric choice, I really like the way you use colour to depict flowers. Lovely work.

  2. Your choice of colours give the flowers vibrancy and I love the flow of your stitching. bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I immediately recognized your style and your fabrics ! Very nice evocation of flowers.

  4. The style you’ve chosen to portray the field of flowers is quite interesting and unique. I love your choice of colors.

  5. Very nice contrast between the delictae flower and the background fabrics. Lovely use of color, and your stitching is great

  6. The colour palette and quilting immediately show your signature. Lovely work.

  7. I love your choice of colors. Nice composition.

  8. I really like the way that at first sight it looks like an abstract painting. Love your use of colours. It is clearly recognizable as your style.

  9. Great use of colour and a lovely little flower. Your stitching creates a beautifully textured piece of work.

  10. Immediately recognizable as your work. Beautiful fabrics and colors, you made that single flower stand out beautifully! Love it. Awesome stitching too.

  11. The lovely little flower stands out beautifully against the abstract and vibrant background. The color placement adds lovely highlights and shadows while the stitching creates depth and texture. Well done!

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