Elsy Menko – Artist style #4

Kibbutz scenes

Michael Kovner grew up in Ein Hahoresh, a kibbutz (a cooperative community) in central Israel. The subject of the kibbutz is a recurring theme in his work. During the nineties he traveled to eight different kibbutzim all over the country to try and capture their essence. He used different techniques: pencil drawings, water colours, gouache, oil paints, wood cuts. His works on the subject comprise a very large body of work and a solo exhibition called ‘the kibbutz courtyard’ in one of Israel’s major musea followed in 2020.

Part of what he saw I tried to incorporate in this quilt: the fields, the houses, a ficus avenue, the boiler room, the guard’s house, the playground, a nursing home, the water tower, the greenery. The puzzle format is quite a surprising element in his work and he uses it quite often and to great effect. I found it fitting for this quilt.

Cotton fabrics, fusing, machine and hand stitching

Detail view:

Detail: agricultural equipment and the boiler house


Artist work:

Michael Kovner: fields puzzle


Michael Kovner: oil color puzzle

  1. Great composition with an enormous amount of work, very effective, well done.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    You have captured the essence of Michael Kovner’s work in your piece !
    It is like a story that we can read, lovely !

  3. Maryte Collard

    Wow, so much in such small piece. I wish to see close ups of all small squares! You must be a very patient and very composed person to work in so small details.

  4. A wonderful pictorial quilt with so many scenes to look at and appreciate.

  5. What a beautiful collection of different landscapes. It really captures his puzzle paintings.
    I keep looking at it and see new details every time. Amazing.

  6. The execution is excellent and also the description . Since I live in a kibbutz, which is no longer cooperative at all, I can fully appreciate what you did. Each square is excellent.

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