Els Mommers – Artist style #4



Every now and then Joan Miro uses some kind of abstract flowers in his work and that is what I choose to use for this piece and like Miro I repeated again the symbols he uses most: eye, moon and stars.

Triangles sometimes also occur and when making the composition it turned out that two triangles and a small circle suddenly took on the shape of a mouse. I don’t think a mouse ever appeared in his work but for me it fits well in this piece.

The background is hand painted and all shapes are fused and machine apppliqued , often with a cordon stitch. Echo quilted and finished with a facing.

The whole process can be seen on  http://kunamola.blogspot.com.

  1. This is so vibrant and obviously Miro in style, I love the addition of the mouse. I think this piece is fantastic.

  2. So colourful and playful, els! I love the wee mousie!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Colourful and a mix of Miro and your style ! yes the mouse is your special touch !

  4. What a fun quilt, I love the vibrant colours and how your quilting makes the quilt “pop”.

  5. I really like the colors you choose in your works. This work is very delicate and each object stands on its own.

  6. Maryte Collard

    I love your mouse. It is amazing how your quilt took turn you didn’t expect. Of course, it is very recognizable as your style influenced by the style of Miro. Love the details and texture.

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