Helen Hazon – Country – Literature

Inspiration – the many languages in which Indian literature has been, and still is, written.

When I began researching Indian literature I quickly became aware of what a vast, complex topic it is. Over many centuries texts have been written on a huge range of subjects and in a wide variety of languages. I decided that I wanted to portray this diversity in my quilt.

Inside the outline map of India I have stitched the word for “literature” in 14 of India’s languages. I have tried to be geographically accurate when placing the words – map attached. The English word is included because a significant proportion of literature in India is written in English. The scroll in the top right represents the ancient scripts on which India’s religions and society are based while the pile of books in the bottom right represents modern authors.

All embroidery is by hand using cotton threads.

Detail views:

  1. Hi Helen, you quilt is well thought out. Lovely choice of fabric and thread.

  2. Good work of research applied on your quilt with many details as the flag colours on the border. Beautiful hand embroidery.Bravo.

  3. Well done for researching the languages, a great way of showing the linguistic diversity within the country. Beautiful stitching as ever! Well done.

  4. Your quilt made me aware of the diversity of languages and litteratures in India !
    Your stitchings is as perfect as usual and I like your idea to add a pile of books for modern writers !

  5. The idea is very interesting and your stitching is perfect and very impressive and admirable.

  6. I never realised there were so many different languages in India. Very interesting piece and as always beautiful stitching.

  7. As always, I looked for your stitching and I love it. Also interesting story behind your quilt.

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