Greetje Hein – Country – Artist

Country – Artist

Inspiration: My artists are the women who are knitting Icelandic sweaters and keeping the folk-art alive. I admire all the different patterns they use.

Iceland has a lot of shops where you can buy hand-knitted sweaters made of Icelandic wool. It’s a big export product, but also the Icelandic people wear them. A lot of women knit at home and bring a pile of sweaters to a shop now and then. I want to honor all these women who keep the folk-art alive and are part of the economy of their homeland.

The background is made with squares, just like the second one of this series. I used snow-dyed fabrics and created the pattern from the knitted part of the first piece.I quilted this into V-shapes, like a knitting stitch.  A stamp of a ball of wool is used to stamp some V-shapes on the background too. 

Both rectangles are a photocopy of the knitted part from the first piece. I transferred it on fabric with gel medium.

I used hand-dyed felt for the sweaters and embroidered it with perlé 8. Each sweater hangs on a wooden stick I painted with metallic paint. They symbolize the knitting needles.

Detail view:


  1. Great idea and tribute, I love Icelandic needlework, great design.

  2. Great homage to many generations of anonymus artists and highly skilled craftsmen keeping this tradition alive. Great job!

  3. carolinehiggs

    So obviously Icelandic! I love the way that you have recreated the knit pattern with squares of fabric and then included images of the knitwear. Lovely work…

  4. What a creative way to to honor the women who are knitting Icelandic sweaters and keeping the folk-art alive with your style. Your interpretation of the feel of knitting is a well done!

  5. Your piece is lovely ! I like how on your backgroung the alternating squares and triangle quilting give the illusion of knitting stitches.

  6. quilterpaola

    Great idea and design. Well realized and a perfect tribute to tradition and her Artist.Bravo!

  7. The idea for the chalenge is very beautiful. You managed to bring it very clearly. well done.

  8. I love this! Using the knitted design in your background piecing is so effective. and the little embroidered sweaters are perfect. A great tribute to the Icelandic knitting tradition.

  9. Maryte Collard

    Creativity unlimited! I also like how you follow the same theme of knitting in this series.

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