Genevieve Guadalupe – Country – Landscape


To choose to represent a country by its landscape is a difficult task, specially the country of Peru that has many types of landscapes. From coast to rainforest passing through the Andes. More than half the country is actually rainforest in the Amazon but it is not very accessible, and quite impenetrable. I chose to represent the landscape that most struck me, the Altiplano. That vast plane at 4000 meters above sea level  with high mountains in the background. There are no trees, or variety of plants, only Ichu (Peruvian feathergrass) that the alpaca graze. This landscape extends forever, it is so vast, so free, so calm….

Materials and technique: cotton fabrics, cotton batting, poly thread, embroidery floss, woodblock, printing inks. Machine pieced, machine quilted, hand embroidered, woodblock printed.

Detail view:

  1. carolinehiggs

    I love the simplicity of this, it is obviously Peru with the high mountains and the alpacas not to mention the bright colours. Lovely…

  2. I agree with Caro, there is a charm in the use of colours and design.

  3. The use of plain fabrics extend the impression of calm and quiet atmosphere ! and your choice of colour lovely. I like the stripe on the right : is it hand embroidered ?

  4. I like your piece. lovely colour and design.

  5. Maryte Collard

    Well depicted vastness and serenity of the place. Simple quilting sure adds to that. Love your piece!

  6. Recognise the vastness of that landscape, very well depicted with the plain fabrics. That hand embroidered stripe on the right is gorgeous and really represents the intense colourfulness of the country.

  7. Love the simplicity and colours of this piece. Great combination of all the crucial elements of Peruvian landscape!

  8. I love the contrast of the straight altiplano lines and the twisting road. As always a very beautiful and strong composition. Very effective embroidery.

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