Genevieve Guadalupe

For this year’s challenge I chose to represent the country of Peru. For a symbol I chose the Andean cross, the “Chakana” which is a cross made up of equal arms, a superimposed square and a hole at its center. This forms a stepladder cross. Each set of three steps have their meaning:

-future, present, past

-heaven, earth, underworld

-peace, war, intelligence

-condor, puma,snake

The center hole represents Cusco, the center of the Inka Empire, it is also a portal through the different worlds. The four sides represent:

-north, south, east, west

-earth, water,fire, air

-the four big stars in the southern cross

-spring, summer, fall, winter

The twelve corners represent each month of the year.

My other symbol is the alpaca.

Materials and technique: cotton fabric, cotton batting, poly thread, embroidery thread, block printing. Machine pieced, machine quilted, bock printed, hand embroidery.

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