Bozena Wojtaszek – Country – Literature

French literature is not my forte. I know the classics but they didn’t make any strong impact on me except… yes, except Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. “The Physiology of Taste” opened my mind and senses for food in a very broad meaning. I read it in my early twenties and (despite a little bit overwhelming impression at a first glance) I guess it really influenced my eating habits and interests for the rest of my life.
The piece is done entirely by machine, in limited neutral palette and intense quilting making all the different textures.

Detail views:

  1. Beautiful interpretation using a minimalist style of work.

  2. Great that you have managed to chose a book that had such a strong influence on you. What more do you need other than coffee cheese and wine? Lovely piece.

  3. How nice that you found a book that changed your eating habits and interests for food . This work again goes so well with your kitchen and food series. Well done.

  4. Lovely interpretation of a book that has made such an impact on your way of eating, interests and the joys of the table. Cheers, Well done.

  5. I knew Brillat-Savarin for the cheese that bears his name but I didn’t know he had written a book on taste !
    Your piece in its simplicity sums up the essence

  6. Great use of a limited colour palette with excellent stitching to create the details. Now I need to read the book.

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