Helen Hazon – D

D for Day Lilies

Inspiration – My Summer garden is bright with flowers in many different colours. There is a lot of orange – Pelargoniums, day lilies and Crocosmia – and a lot of purple – Buddleia, teazels, Eryngiums. There are other flowers in red, white, pink, yellow and blue.

This month I have chosen Day Lilies – Latin name Hemerocallis – to represent my Summer garden. They are bright and showy when seen all together but each flower, although large, is beautifully simple. This appeals to the nature lover in me as I like to see the detail of the flower structure and to see the insects that visit this type of wide open flower.

I have again made a confetti background using all the colours in my garden this week. I have chosen 3 day lilies that illustrate the brightness of the Summer palette. The lilies were photographed, printed onto cotton fabric the I added lots of machine stitching to enhance the colour patterns within each flower.

The quilt is made from cotton fabrics covered in nylon net. The quilting thread is cotton, the embroidery threads are rayon.

Detail views:


Garden views:

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  1. Your quilt is so colourful and the day lilies are beautiful.

  2. Your garden is awesome! Your quilt continues your series perfectly. Nice stitching work that highlights the beauty of the day lilies.

  3. I love these lilies and you have really captured their markings with your stitching. A lovely colourful piece reflecting summer in an English garden.

  4. Maryte Collard

    Your garden is beautiful, and your work is beautiful as well. Just like others- I love the stitching!

  5. The thread painting on the lilies make them look so realistic! beautiful work !

  6. Great addition to your flower series. The background is a stunner, such small pieces pieced together! The thread painting of the lilies is beautiful and the use of the different colours of thread make them look very realistic. Well done!

  7. The pieced background is perfect for the lilies and helps create movement in your garden. The detail stitching in each lily certainly brings them to life.

  8. Wow, what a burst of colors in your garden.Love the threadpainting on your lilies. Another beautiful addition to your garden series.

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