Greetje Hein – D

Letter D  “Daisy”

Inspiration: Daisies blooming in the grass and making bracelets of them; such a sweet memory.

The lay-out of this quilt is more or less the same as the other letter quilts. I used a picture from the internet and printed the daisies on photo fabric. After that I thread-painted them with rayon thread. After that I cut them out and sewed the center of the flowers on the background.



Detail view:

daisy detail

  1. So nostalgic I loved making daisy chains. Beautiful design.

  2. Excellent realization of Daisies. They look like 3D. Nice choice of the color range.

  3. A great addition to your series, I love the way that you have added the small daisies they really pull the piece together.

  4. Maryte Collard

    It’s a well done continuation of your series. Love the 3D effect of the flowers and texture on the letter D.

  5. Nice choice of colour and I like the 3D effect given by your quilting on the letter D

  6. Didn’t we all chain daisies when we were kids? This piece evokes lovely memories. The daisies look very realistic, especially love the texture on the letter D.

  7. Beautiful use of a limited color palette. I particularly like the texture in the “D” and the detail on the Daisy background. Nicely done!

  8. Your piece brings back such nice childhood memories. Love your stitching and the repeating 3D effect of the flowers in your series. Another awesome flower quilt.

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