Elsy Menko – D

D for Deforestation – or – What kind of world do we leave our grandchildren?

The permanent destruction of rainforests is a threat to world population. Every year about 37.000 km2 of rainforest disappears. At this rate the world’s rainforests will be wiped out in as little as 100 years. Deforestation is a major contributing factor to climate change and has disastrous effects on plant and animal life.

Having experienced the Amazon rainforest firsthand made me realize how precious and rich it is with endless resources for both humans and animals. Every reason to fight against deforestation!

Dyed and commercial cottons, organza, tule, silhouettes of two of our grandchildren.


  1. I like your interpretation of a very serious situation and this comes across in your choice of fabrics and technique.

  2. Your choice of theme involves one of the serious problems of our planet or rather the consequences that man causes to it. The lack of scruples of a few leads to these results. It’s sad but what will we leave behind generations? Well done, and the tulle creates that invariant barrier sensation that the silhouette cannot understand and go beyond.

  3. Very poignant and the message is so clear, a great piece of work. The choice of fabrics and use of net work so well together, well done.

  4. Maryte Collard

    Elsy, you delivered a very power message with your quilt, it speaks to me and it speaks to other. Your choice of technique and execution are perfect for that.Thank you!

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