Eke Krug – D

D from Devoré

Inspiration: Upcycle, making something new from a piece that exists. In this series six art-quilts are made from one old damask tablecloth.

For the fourth piece of my Upcycle series of six, with the letter D I choose Devoré. Wikipedia says: Devoré (also called burnout) is a fabric technique particularly used on velvets, where a mixed-fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibers to create a semi-transparent pattern against more solidly woven fabric.

I used the devoré technique om my damask tablecloth, on a piece of viscose/silk fabric, and on a linen, woven with a stainless steel yarn. On the left top of my work, a red triangle comes down. On this spot I took away the damask and you see a red silk underneath it. The piece I burned out got fragmented because of the proces, I used the couching technique to put the fragile fragments on the left side of the triangle. The viscose/georgette silk is in the bottom of the piece and the linen on the right side. A combination of hand and machine stitching is used for quilting.

The devoré tells a story to me. I see the uncertain situation in the world in it, a layer of civilization is burned away, and the rawness underneath emerges, anxious.

My piece is not finished yet, but I decided to upload it anyway. When finished next week, I will upload a new picture and remove these words.

Materials: Damask tablecloth – iron and tea for dyeing –  silk – linen/steel fabric – cotton sewing thread – cotton, silk and linen threads – 20/80 batting – cotton backside

Techniques: devoré – hand and machine stitching


Detail views:



  1. This is a very interesting experiment eke. i have learnt something this morning!

  2. Beautiful use of the technique, I love your colour pallette.

  3. Your work and study on textile structures fascinate me a lot. Your every challenge is admirable and I always look forward to the next one to find out the evolution of your quilts. Excellent colours and composition and Message included. Chapeau!

  4. Maryte Collard

    Wow! I am amazed what a masterpiece can be created using one old damask tablecloth. I liked all your pieces but this is my favorite.

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