Ann Turley – S


Inspiration – Olympic Ribbon Twirlers

I recently read an article about the Ribbon Twirling competition that described the movement of the ribbons as Serpentine. Yay, an “S” word that could be translated into a small art quilt! To achieve the two-color effect of these beautiful ribbons, I first created a simple diagonally pieced under layer using three fabrics. I marked a dark yellow/gold batik with undulating lines, backed it with Wonder Under and narrowly split the lines to create the ribbons, while placing an S in two corners. After fusing everything down I stitched along all the raw edges with metallic thread. Because I was left with a relatively large amount of background, I chose to practice a bit of detailed machine quilting, trying to stick to the Serpentine theme. It is finished with a facing, my favorite edge finish.

PS – I’m not sure why the colors are so different, but the full photo is the most accurate.

Detail view:

  1. Beautiful Serpentine, so full of movement!

  2. I love the elegant simplicity of this piece and the beautiful machine quilting. Well done Ann.

  3. A dancing S! What an elegance and harmonious movement. I love the choice of colours and impressive machine quilting. Chapeau!

  4. Very Interesting idea and the story behind it. I love how ribbons change colors creating movement.

  5. I also like the change of colours for the ribbons. Simple and elegant.

  6. A very peaceful and elegant piece with very neat stitching. Lovely.

  7. Beautiful movement, and the colours are very vibrant.

  8. A lovely feeling of life and movement in this piece which really represents the movement of the gymnastic ribbons well. I love the choice of colours and the patterns of the stitching

  9. Lovely, colorful piece filled with beautiful, graceful swirling movement and quilting.

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