Paola Zanda – Music

Music is my Religion: Tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

Inspiration: My husband Paolo’s passion for Jimi Hendrix inspired me for the Music challenge. I tried to transfer the psychedelic images of the time, the sophisticated clothes and his songs in my work.

Material: satin cotton, commercial batik cotton, tyvec, angelina fiber, commercial machine embroidery, variegated DMC threads, gold threads for hand embroidery, variegated threads for machine embroidery, synthetic wadding, Procion MX, fabric paint, Heat Bond Lite (Iron-on-adhesive)

Techniques: Screen printing with a paper mask, screen printing, tyvec manipulation, painting, hand and machine embroidery, machine appliqué, machine quilting.

Close up views:

  1. Great capture of the atmosphere, Paola. Very Jimi Hendrix!

  2. Colors and texture makes beautiful music in your piece, Paola!

  3. Wow! What detail you have put into this piece, it is great and as Bozena says very Hendrix! great work.


    Very good choice of colours, you really captured the atmosphere of the time ! and beautiful work of course !

  5. Wow so vibrant and full of energy.

  6. This is Jimi Hendrix, love to see all the details you made and recognize the atmosphere of his time. Great quilt Paola!

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