Greetje Hein – Re-arranged

“What if…”

Some time ago I snow-dyed a few pieces of fabric. The result was beautiful. But as often happens I wondered what to do with it, and how I can use it. I decided to use one of this pieces for re-arranged. I sewed an 8-point star on it just with black and white tulle and a satin stitch. This would give a 3-dimensional effect, but you can still see the fabric. I looked at it and thought: what if I cut it in pieces and turn some parts over.

This is what I did: I cut it in 9 pieces, just along the lines of the star. Four of these pieces I turned over and the result was stunning. I was satisfied immediately. So the parts were sewn together and my piece was ready for quilting. The four outer corners I quilted free motion. The center part I quilted a square in a square. I partly burned some of the tulle away with a heat-burner.

The final result looks like stained glass.

Keywords: snow-dyed fabric, tulle, re-arranged, freemotion quilting, heat-burner, stained glass.

Final result:


Before cutting:

re-arranged 1

Close-up view

re-arranged close-up

  1. This is stunning, it has worked really well, I love the striking colours, the use of the tulle is really effective, great!

  2. Brilliant!!! Great idea. Great colors. Great composition. Great implementation! I love it.

  3. Amazing colours, excellent study and development of the theme. The addition of tulle gives depth and spatiality. All this reminds me of the kaleidoscope or a modern stained glass window. Bravo.

  4. Beautiful work. I LOVE it. Colours, shape, use of tulle it is all so effective.

  5. Great idea ! it looks like a kaleïdoscope ! I love your fabric and your design.

  6. studiociboulette

    Beautiful! I really like the way it turned out re-arranged.

  7. What a stunning result using your beautiful fabric. I love the quilting too, and the tulle and dark lines give the piece real depth. Wonderful

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