Els Mommers – Photoshoot


Inspiration: A selfie made as an assignment for the online workshop Art on the ipad by Susie Monday

This time I was unable to find a subject that I wanted to use for the Photoshoot theme. When I was playing with a selfie on various apps on my ipad I finally came up with the idea of using this.

With the help of drawn squares on the printed photocopy I made an enlarged drawing that I taped on my worktable. The next step was to tape light grey organza over it and searching for 12 different types of brown fabric. I ironed Steam & Seam under the fabric and gave each colour a number.
Theses numbers were put on the different shapes in the drawing of the face so it was easy to see what colour fabric was needed. More than 75 pieces of fabric were used to complete the face.
Finally I ironed everything on the organza, cut it out and put it on a hand painted background.
I placed a black tulle on top and thread-painted some pieces of the face and the wrinkles. The background is free motion quilted. Finally some birds are appliqued in the top right corner. The quilt is finished with a facing.

The entire process can be seen at http://kunamola.blogspot.com

Detail view:

Original photo

  1. Great idea for a stitched selfie. Love both your face and the background you placed it on!

  2. It is really you Els ! your colours for the background and your smiling face in the foreground ! I admire the work behind the construction of the face !!!

  3. The process just a little different than mine but I love the result. It is you, Else! The background is perfect for you: not only where you live but also what you love- nature and ocean. I can feel the breeze…

  4. Els what patience you have! The result is absolutely stunning, love the way that you dominate the photo but leave space for the colourful landscape, or rather seascape! A great piece.

  5. joanbrailsford

    What a beautiful portrait of yourself Els, and you have worked so well to build up the colours of your face. The background is stunning too and I love the way you have positioned yourself, as if to invite the viewer to see your landscape.

  6. This is really you! Such a detailed technique too, you must have so much patience. The background is a lovely contrast to the face.

  7. What a patience to use so many pieces and shades of brown fabrics, but the result is stunning. I love how you placed the portrait in the corner so you can see the beautiful background. Bravo!

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