Cindy Richard – Decay

Chair in Decay

This decaying garden chair seemed just right for this project. The chair was in a neglected alcove. It was broken and tilting to one side. The seat was disheveled and full of holes. There was something attractive about the scene. It must have been a big comfortable chair once upon a time. But now it is in ruin. I think the scene still has potential. If it was cleaned up and fixed it would be a wonderful place to sit and ruminate. Too bad it has been left to erode and decay.

Technique: Raw edge applique; free motion quilting

Materials: Batik fabrics; upholstery fabric, tulle, cotton, polyester threads; cotton/poly batting.

Close up views:
Torn Seat
Broken Wood
Tilting Chair
Original Photo
  1. The poetry of abandoned, forgotten places. Your interpretation looks almost like the real thing!

  2. carolinehiggs

    I really like this. The way that you have built the frame and the seat is great. Good choice of colour.

  3. A perfect transfer from photo to quilt.Congratulations.

  4. I love your chair ! and the way you have translated your picture into fabric ! great interpretation.

  5. It looks perfect to me- the colors, fabric choices, quilting- everything.

  6. studiociboulette

    Excellent rendition of the old chair. The colors and details look beautiful.

  7. A beautiful piece and so sad to see things pass away like this. You did a great job translating it in fabric!

  8. A lovely representation of the delapidated chair. Great use of fabrics.

  9. I so much love this piece. It is just wonderful how you translated this picture in fabric. The wooden background, the bottom it is all so effective. Bravo!

  10. joanbrailsford

    I love this piece and the feeling of neglect. The details and your interpretation of the chair are perfect, and it almost looks as though it could be used. Wonderful

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