Chantal Guillermet – Flight

Attracted to the light

Inspiration: A flight of moths and small insects at moonlight kept my attention. I tried to recreate this atmosphere with a balanced composition with horizontal and vertical lines.

Last summer while walking at dusk along the coast I took a picture. The sky was pink and purple, it was full moon and small insects and moths were flying around us, like attracted by moonlight.

To keep the horizontal shape of the seascape I have chosen to work with stripes, and tried to keep the original colours of my picture.  The stripes are  attached to the background with transparent mono-filament and zigzag stitch. The moths are printed with stamps and free motion quilted with metallic thread. I have added a vertical line – like a ray of light – to break the horizontal effect.

The moon is made with several layers of tulle and free motion quilted on the top with metallic thread. The grassy weeds are also free motion quilted on the top of a piece of folded hand dyed tarlatane ; their heads are painted with puff paint.

Detail views & original photo :



  1. What an array of flying creatures! Love the soft, moody colors too.

  2. An abstract translation of your photo, coming alive with the smooth colors and the moths. Nice composition and quilting, well done.

  3. Love the effect of the pieced background that serves as an anchor for the insects. The stamped butterflies certainly add to their realism.

  4. I like the way that you have translated your original picture using the same colours and horizontal feel to the landscape. The printed moths add lovely movement and interpretation of the theme. Beautiful

  5. Interesting use of fabrics and colours; I love the moths seemingly attracted by the moonlight.

  6. studiociboulette

    i love the atmosphere to give with the background and the colors. beautiful.

  7. I also love the soft mood of this piece. I like your “leap” from the original to your representation of it. It’s very imaginative.

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