Bozena Wojtaszek – Decay

Abandoned kitchen

It wasn’t such a big challenge to combine “Decay” with a kitchen theme. Just think about an abandoned kitchen and all sorts of decay come to mind. This time I choose this yellowish, rusty palette cause it goes very well with my vision of decays. I stitched many portraits of the kitchens so all the methods I used in this one are my all time favorites – applique, beading and a bit of embroidery.

Close up views:



  1. carolinehiggs

    Love the colour palette and the attention to detail. You have managed to give the image of a kitchen to be avoided!

  2. Despite the “mess” described in this kitchen, there is harmony in the way you treated the theme and your choice of colours ! nice piece of work !

  3. Good choice of colours that give a particular feeling of life despite the abandonment. Quilt well executed. I love it.

  4. I love your attention to details and all the embellishments. Good job!

  5. studiociboulette

    Fantastic. I love the incredible details you have put into this quilt. The color palette is very nice as well.

  6. A bunch of work to create this piece. Beautiful details and colors, well done.

  7. I love the amount of detail here. Very effective.

  8. What a lovely piece Bozena. So much detail and so nice executed. Very good composition and colour.

  9. Great detail. Very effective decayed rendition. Great job.

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