Sheryl Meech – Series #4 – Pohutakawa Flowers

Similar to Series one with the same Vliesofix painted branches. This time I traced around leaves picked during a walk along the beach an used the shapes for my applique.   For the pohutakawa flowers  I dipped the edge of a CD into red paint and rolled the edge onto the fabric.


Quilt in Series



  1. What a clever use of the CD, it is always the found objects that make the best brushes, wonderful use of the found leaves. Enjoying your interpretations.

  2. Lovely, I really like the way you have done a similar quilt using different techniques, the flowers are so delicate.

  3. I have already used the edge of a credit card for stems but the use of a CD is very clever !
    I like the variety of techniques in your quilts.

  4. Another beautiful quilt of this wonderful flower. As Chantal mentioned already a clever idea to use a cd for printing.

  5. Another lovely representation of this beautiful tree. The paint lines make brilliant petals.

  6. A beautiful quilt with a great use of different techniques. What a great idea to use a CD for the flowers.

  7. I like the mark making you have used to create your delicate flowers. Another subtle and beautiful representation of this tree

  8. Sheryl great idea to use a cd to make paint marks. I am Looking forward to seeing your final quilt in the series

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