Lin Hsin-Chen – Series #1 – Journey Series #1: Memento of France

A brand new year, a brand new start. Seasons change and life thrive. It is a magical atmosphere with joy, challenge and adversity that testing our abilities. In Chinese culture, completing something in a pleasant or satisfactory way, we call it “yuan-man”, which means to round off.

About my Journey series:
I love to collect fabrics that I encounter when traveling. It does not need to represent the local culture. As long as I find the fabrics, thread, buttons, sequins or ribbons interesting, I will collect them. These mementos bring memories and reinforce the traveling experience. It is fun and feasible to apply my long collected materials in my work. Therefore, I might create more than 5 works in the series. It is full of possibilities.

Materials: silk velvet collected during my visit to France, silk, silk thread, beads, sequins, chiffon
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliqué, crocheted, hand quilted, yoyo


  1. I like the idea of collecting bits and pieces when you are travelling and use your “collection” to start a series as a reminder of the places you visited !
    I also like your choice of bright colours contrasting with deep ones, the use of different textures of velvet and silk, the embroideries. Your quilt is full of joy !

  2. Very nice quilt of collected fabrics during your travels. The colors give you a happy feeling. Looking forward to the rest of your “journey”.

  3. Lin, what a lovely idea to collect and then actually use your momentos collected on your journeys. I look forward to seeing more treasures from different journeys.

  4. A very colourful way to illustrate the ‘threads’ of your memories, collected over time. 🙂

  5. I like the idea using your collected treasures to create a quilt that is full of memories. I love the colours and textures you have used to create a lively, happy piece. I think your series will be very interesting

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I love and enjoy collecting fiber-related materials when traveling abroad. And now I have packed closets (lol). Thanks to the new series, I finally had a chance to look at what I have got and create new works with them. I am sure I will enjoy creating the series, because the treasures always remind me of traveling memories and bring me joy!

  7. What a great way to use the fabrics we acquire on our travels.i love the contrast between the colors and types of colors plus the addition of “trip treasures”

  8. What a lovely piece, and a good idea, using the fabrics from your journeys as a memory trip in series. The contrasting colours and the swirling moves makes it a pleasure to look at, in combination with the nice hand stitching.

  9. Very bright and cheerful and an excellent choice of theme for your series. A great way to remember places visited.

  10. I think we all collect fabrics and related material. What a good idea to put it in a serie. A colourful piece with memories.

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