Els Mommers – Series #4 – Old Cathedral Door

This is the first door that I made. It was for the theme: Entrance and I saved it to use it for when I would not be able to send in a new door because of being away.It is this door that was my inspiration for my series.

 I started by doing  free motion quilting on some sandwiches (layers of fabric) and tried different colors thread and gold paint. One of the sandwiches I choose to make the door. On another piece of  fabric I used gesso to paint the stones for the doorway, over painted it with different colors of fabric paint and outlined it with black acrylic paint.

Doors and doorway are stitched on a piece of rusted fabric. Pilars are made of fabric paper and the “sculpture pieces” are made with puffpaint, heated with a heat gun and painted with gold metallic paint. On the black silhouette of the lady I used some Markal paintstick.

Technique: raw edge applique, fabric painting, rusting, hand piecing, free motion quilting.





Quilts in Series



  1. Els I am enjoying your series on Doors and I am always inspired by your use of materials and techniques.

  2. I love this series and each one has its own character, I look forward to seeing the last one!

  3. It is very interesting to see how this door, even if it was from a previous challenge, has its own place in the series. Well done !

  4. Els, this one fits perfectly in your series and as usual I am impressed by all the techniques you used.

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