Cindy Richard – Water – Grottos

The site upon which this quilt is based is called Rosh Hanikra. These grottoes are on the border between Israel and Lebanon, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
I love visiting and photographing sites in Israel and then rendering them in fabric. This is a very beautiful, striking spot in North-West Israel and one of my favorites. This piece is based on my photo, which I enlarged and cropped to 15″ x 15″. I transferred the image to a master and followed it to compose the quilt.
I laid the fabric in place, pinned it to stabilizer and then sewed all the pieces in place. I used a little bit of fusing (Misty fuse) but mostly I just free-motion quilted the fabric scraps in place. At the end I added a backing fabric and sleeve and hand-sewed a binding all around.
I used cotton fabrics, organza, tulle, 80/20 batting, stabilizer and all kinds of thread to create this piece.


Close up View:

  1. Cindy congratulations on your first quilt with group. A beautiful subject with your interpretation I feel like I am floating on the water looking into the grotto.

  2. You can hear the echo of the water in the grotto. Great colors and a nice technique to build up your quilt. The composition is beautiful, great entry Cindy!

  3. Wow! What a great start with the group. This piece is lovely, the colours are just perfect and the contrast really works, there is a real depth to the piece.

  4. I love the sea and you’ve realized a spectacular image of your landscape with perfect colors and the right depth.

  5. I admire how you depicted the rocks – in such stark contrast with the water.

  6. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! I really like how you depict the water and rocks. An amazing landscape!

  7. I really like your piece and your study of light and shadow is perfect ! I am also interested by your technique to pin your fabrics directly on the stabiliser. I would like to try it.

  8. studiociboulette

    I love the texture of the water. Very nice!

  9. Cindy, what a great quilt. Especially your water is stunning. Bravo.

  10. The lights, shadows and textures you have created of the rocks and on the water are Stunning.

  11. What a lovely depiction of a lovely scene. The quilting on the cliffs gives the feeling of strata of the rocks and the colours in the water are beautiful. Well done

  12. A lovely interpretation of the scene. Your colours and stitching give a real 3-dimensional effect.

  13. The depth you created is fantastic you feel drawn to the grotto

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