Chantal Guillermet

Chantal Guillermet

Hydrangea in Winter. Quilt N° 2

I have chosen a picture taken in my garden in late november to show the sadness of winter when everything is dry and dead.

Material : Hand dyed fabric and tarlatane – acrylic paint – Inktense pencils – Platinum Inka acrylic wax (frosty flowers) – satin finish acrylic wax – lace for colographs.

Small squares of fabric are fused on the background, then the flower heads are drawn on a piece of stitch and tear and free motion quilted from the back. The petals are painted with platinum Inka acrylic wax to give them a frosty look.

Prints are made with collagraphs (made with cut out shapes from lace glued on a piece of cardboard. They are used like stamps with white acrylic paint and embellished with inktense pencils.

I added another layer of flowers cut out from tarlatane to give more texture. They are sealed with acrylic wax to prevent them from fraying and to give a satin finish.


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