Challenge – Artist style #3

Our third challenge of the year continues the series of quilts created in the style of a chosen artist. The subject is producing some captivating work and thoughtful interpretation which I’m sure you would enjoy exploring. You can step into the virtual gallery we are creating by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below to take you to a more detailed view of the art and to see the thoughts and techniques behind each. If the link is not working please go to the Artist Gallery. I hope that you will enjoy them.



  IMG_5068 (2)

genevieve-guadalupe-the-circle-shape-15x15_-2022 sunset-1-600 Image-1

Fish_after_Klee_bozena_wojtaszek Cubism Cat 1 FigureAG

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  1. It’s always a pleasure to view Fifteen by Fifteen’s virtual gallery.

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